Softer Than a Baby's Bottom

Set up soft washing services in Grand Ledge, MI & Phoenix, AZ

Clean your home exterior without damaging it. Platinum Surface Cleaning offers soft washing services so you can have a spotless home exterior. We know the right method for roof washing that clears away mold and mildew without harming your shingles.

Once we're done, you'll have:

Gleaming siding
Spotless gutters
Polished patios

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Depend on us for all your pressure washing needs

A lot of pressure can be bad. Pressure from work puts you under a lot of stress. A lot of pressure when you're scuba diving can burst an eardrum. But there's one kind of pressure that keeps your house looking beautiful: pressure washing.

Our pressure washing services are perfect for homeowners, property managers and business owners. We'll make sure your property is left sparkling clean and spotless. Whether you need house washing services, brick cleaning services or deck cleaning services, we've got you covered.

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What makes Platinum Surface Cleaning right for you?

We can take care of roof washing without treating your roofing material too harshly. We also offer gutter cleaning, ice dam removal and graffiti removal. Need a playground sanitized? We can do that.